2015 in Review

As we head into the final days of 2015, here’s a look back at what was an eventful year and some of the highlights for our run community.

#1 Winter Wallop
Between our roof collapse and our snowbanks made of cold hard ice – it was tough winter to run. We got pretty good at modifying our footwear, our running stride and sharing the best paved running spots we could find in the city (Dalhousie and Public Gardens became new winter favs!).

Halifax Curling Club loses its roof.

Halifax Curling Club loses its roof.

#2 A temporary new home
With the Halifax Curling Club without a roof, we temporarily moved to the Waegwoltic. With the exception of the built-in uphill start – it was an awesome place for us to land for our weekend runs in March and April.

Coach Cliff with Georgie Gillis

Coach Cliff with Georgie Gillis

#3 Cliff Matthews
We lost a good friend and running coach in March. Our beloved Cliff Matthews passed away while taking a trip of a lifetime visiting a running camp in Kenya with HRC member Denise Robson. Cliff was an inspiration to many members and nurtured some of our best runs. As Erin Poirier shared in a lovely tribute she delivered at the night of champions event – “Cliff always reminded me to enjoy the sport … more than the workouts, the crazy ones, the fun ones, the ones under rain and snow and hail with Cliff wearing 3 pairs of pants under an umbrella next to us, Cliff got the best out of us because he believed so fiercely in us.”

Cliff got the best out of us because he believed so fiercely in us.
— Erin Poirier

#4 New Club Exec
The dynamic duo of Randall and Roger officially retired in May to make room for our two new co-presidents – Marie-Claude and Mark. Woo hoo!

#5 Rum Runners
After 8 years of defending our title a new team of young whipper snappers from Dal took 1st place in the Rum Runners Relay and club member Leah Jabbour captained her team to an awesome 2nd place, leaving the HRC Java Blend Expressos with a still very fast 3rd place overall.

#6 New Website

And last but not least, we're closing out 2015 with a brand new website. We've added in some new features and are planning for a few more in 2016. If you have suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.